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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph-Sulphur View Post
    Again, this is incredibly patronising towards the Libyans themselves. So because their revolution is supported militarily by the west they can't be the ones determining their own future? It just has to be cynical western politicians manipulating them?
    By way of agreeing, can I point out that us Americans arguably could have lost our revolutionary war without France's intervention, which was wholly self-serving on their part? They wanted to give the English a black eye during their interminable wars, and thus common cause helped America get on its feet.

    Likewise, we do this to get a more stable region and access to oil not sold by Saudis, and lo and behold, the Libyans are self-determinate. Win/win!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian View Post
    Given that he's the only one (by many) deemend crazy enough to actually push the button if it came to it, do North Korea actually have the weapons to attack long-range? I've no idea if that's the sort of thing that's been whipped up by the media to make them/him seem scarier and more dangerous than is actually the case.
    They don't need to hit America to pose a threat. They need to hit South Korea.

    But yes, the truth is the same now as it was in 2003: We only attack dictators who don't actually pose a threat.
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