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    Xbox One Scorpio, Any Cool?

    Not much surprise is out there actually. The officially confirmed hardware specification simply only reaffirms all the market speculations all along:

    Most disappointing is that it simply is positioned as enhanced version of Xbox One, not a new gen. This is a very bad marketing strategy. They sell you a downgraded hardware a very few years ago, only now to persuade you to pay again (not extra, but again!) for upgrade.

    What it makes worse is the implication on game qualities. From PC gaming experience, we know, that we'd witnessed a lot of PC games got downgraded to accommodate their console counterparts. Latest development is that even on the very same platform, many games will be downgraded to accommodate less power hardware. Welcome to the 21st century Capitalism.

    Feeling fortunately that I didn't choose to be on board of console gaming.

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    Except of 12GB RAM (4 goes for system) there's not much change.
    So not cool, because PS4 and Switch still has better exclusives and may of XBONE games are on PC anyway.

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