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    Towns - Ever wanted to be the mayor of tristram?

    Hello fellow rps dwellers. i am helping develop a management/building simulation game that takes inspiration from various sources, which the main source for is dwarf fortress.

    The game sees you as the "mayor" of this little frontier fantasy town, one that just happens to be on top of a dungeon filled with bad monsters.

    While you build and expand your town, dig down the earth, mine resources for crafting weapons and fend off monsters or wild beasts, AI heroes with an interest in dungeoning will pass by the town and seek bed and shelter, shops to buy from and a tavern to socialize with other heroes before they venture into the newly dug or the pre existing dungeons that lies beneath the town.

    you will not be able to control those heroes, however you could influence their actions by declaring prizes for certain tasks. (basically, giving them quests).

    we have a few more planned core feature that i can not reveal right no, as it still in early alpha. right now you can dig, build and expand your town in an isometric world with up to 8 levels of depth filled with monsters and ores but the heroes mechanic are still not finished (so it isnt introduced) however you can already see the potential in the game.

    Id be happy if you guys drop by and let me know if you have any opinion, question or critique regarding what you can see and play right now. by the way, the next release will be coming shortly and with it upgraded graphics and mechanics. (you can already see videos of people play testing early stages of that release)

    you can drop by our website here:

    or go straight to see a lets play here:
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