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Fixed that quote for you.

Genuinely though, come and play - BF3 really shines with a full squad, and it gives us more firepower on voice chat to call down at any one time.

I'd agree that the M16 is stupidly powerful [it's my favourite assault gun every now and then. I change my mind a lot] and that recon IS an entirely different game. Although, I play recon differently to everyone else, with a 3.4x scope, silencer and making most of my shots within 200 metres [besides a 650 metre headshot and a 550 metre headshot on a little bird pilot who thought he was safe. mwahaha]

Recon soflam is a key part of any good rush defence strategy however, so it's worth learning to use the spotting and flam to your teams advantage.
Yeah, whenever I play recon, I tend to go with the Semi autos or the PDWs and put down the T-UGS anytime I cap a strongpoint. That thing is a lifesaver. Recon is not all that differnetn when you go the "DMR" route instead of the "Dedicated Sniper" route.
On rush it is completely awesome to use the TUGS or the MAV.