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    Battlefield 3 - Rock Platoon Shotgun

    I've taken the liberty of setting up a BF3 platoon.

    Chances are this will be one of a few, since there's a 100 member maximum on platoons.

    Also, remember the steam chat group here: , which will likely act as the best place to keep in communication, especially between separate RPS platoons. I'm stalinsghost, one of the moderators in the chat group, so feel free to get in touch if needed.

    Voice communication, as ever, will be provided through the community mumble server:
    Password? The password is always 'rumpus'

    And there's more!

    Sabrage has set up a second platoon, called Rock Paper Flechette. This will be the U.S. alpha Platoon, for now.

    Might I suggest that those in the U.S. who joined Rock Platoon Shotgun switch to RPF, since it would probably be a massive help when it comes to organizing group shenanigans (which will undoubtedly begin in earnest soon).
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