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    Battlefield 3 Multiplayer thread

    Hands up if you bought BF3 for the single player....anyone...anyone?

    No, thought not, me either. In fact I am pretty confident that I will probably never even load it up - I certainly didn't for BC2.

    So having had access for the last day or so to the BF3 mp, this is the thread for all things related thus.

    A few thoughts:

    1) I think I have been fortunate as, not only have I had no issues installing, loading or starting the game, but it has been perfectly stable throughout the 8 or so hours I have put into it and I have had no issue finding and entering multiplayer games.

    2) I actually like the server browser! It works well and certainly seems the least buggy and most useful browser DICE have ever launched with. That said, the ping info seems a little off sometimes, but I am sure this will smooth out.

    3) Netcode on the whole seems very solid - still get the odd game where I start "rubber-banding" a bit, but given I have been playing on mostly Russian or Eastern European servers and I am based in the Middle East, it has been pretty good.

    4) Gameplay itself is pretty chaotic and seems far more brutal than BC2 - bullets and explsives are certainly more lethal and the general level of teamwork is about what you would expect from a newly launch BF game, i.e somewhere between zero and not much. That said, it is a hell of a lot of fun and incredibly intense.

    5) Classes? Well the engineer seems very popular and indeed I have played mostly as this class. Trying to get into support now with the C4 and ammo drops...having a little trouble getting lethal with the support class LMGs - they are very hard to use unless you are on the bipod or have the grip (I am assuming as I don't have this yet!) but fun to play. Snipers are still ubiquitous and annoying. Screw you snipers. Yeah, you - I'm talking to you.

    6) It looks and sounds incredible. I am playing on a fairly beefy rig - OC'd 2500k, 8Gb and 2x GTX570 in Sli and I have the game running on Ultra with VSync at a solid 60fps. There is a noticable jump in the overall fidelity and fine detail from the demo and the little touches in the lighting, reflections and weather effects really make the game pop.

    I would hope that perhaps an RPS server will appear at some point? If so, hope to catch you online.

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