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    Oops, I had missed the last turn being submitted. It's been processed now.

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    Can you process the turn Jolima? :)

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    And could a mod move this thread to the Solium Infernum subforum so it's a bit more visible? - We've got more games than time...

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    One of the best tactics I have with dwarf is to find a prime site right next to a castle. The dwarf colonies are badly defended (just 1 shield same as any mountain). So I will invest a lot into taking such a site. That way if anyone approaches I can just retreat everyone into the castle. Of course the Dvala dies, but if I always make sure to have a rune smith in the group then I can return to re-establish the colony after the war. That one spot becomes my "Helms Deep" (last spot of defense)

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    Has the game died altogether now? Think everything has been ready for a few weeks! Makes me sad as both of my SI games have died out. :-(

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