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    Minority interest? - Make the forums compatible with Tapatalk

    This may well be a minority interest, but is there any chance of getting the RPS forums registered with iOS / Android forum runner Tapatalk?

    As a vBulletin board RPS is compatible. I find forums nicer to navigate on Steve Jobs's fun mirror, rather than the good old PC - heresy I know.

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    Definitely not minority. A hell of a lot of people have requested a mobile friendly version of the forum in the Some Forum Feedback thread.
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    This would be great.

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    Oooh, meaning I could coordinate my Bloodbowling via Android? Yes, please! (It's a pain to use right now.)
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    Me too, please, Bump + 1

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    What the hell is this, apple users crawling all over the place?! There'll be blood in the streets! Nazis riding robosaurs! Dogs and cats coexisting peacefully!

    It simply won't do, man!

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    The window size in mobile screen is very small difficult for reading and commenting.
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    Don't apps like this remove the ads? No way to make it available to subscribers only I suppose...

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    Sorry to resurrect this thread but I'd love a mobile site of this forum too. Don't vB 4 already have a mobile skin that you can turn on? I note that the last post on this thread was one year ago! Did you all have a better solution?

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    The only thing i know about Tapatalk is that I get annoyed when every time i visit a tapatalk enabled forum it keeps popping up and asking me if I want to use Tapatalk. Tapatalk might be good (i have no idea), but the popups are really annoying, and it seems to be a discouragement to the site to actually implement mobile-friendly designs that would work without a dedicated app.

    That said, is it actually worth installing Tapatalk? It seems a bit weird to install an app solely to browse a few forums that happen to have enabled it. But if it's really great then maybe I should try.

    I'd have no objection to RPS haing it on it's forum, as long as it didn't keep doing that annoying popup thing every time.

    But I think vB does have multiple mobile themes (official or not) these days.

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    Can I just repeat that opera mini makes using the forums on a phone (android atm) a breeze (doing it now).
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