Hey RPS Readers!

We recently posted a topic on these forums about a contest we (http://MMGaming.net) are running to possibly win one of five codes for the original Sword of the Stars (the Complete Edition).

As the competition rules have now changed a little bit (it's now easier is all I'm going to say) we thought we would let you know about it (and build some more exposure for our site!). We we'd really appreciate it if you come by our site and entered the competition. Frankly we actually WANT to give away these codes. So it's not just a way for us to build a little bit of awareness for our site, it's also a way for you to win a great game!

You can check the competition here: http://mmgaming.net/index.php/2011/1...tition-update/

Also feel free to contact us!

Sabor117 out!