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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pink Ninja View Post
    Hmmmm, my admittedly limited experience with BF2 is that

    1) Fighters and choppers were damn hard to get and harder to fly/learn to fly

    2) A good jet pilot is immune to attacks from the ground and can rip up/pin down a whole opposing team with bombs

    Is this still true? For me they were pretty much the most annoying aspect of the game.
    They can still be dominant if you don't have a couple stingers on the ground if your own Jet crews are out matched. Hard to use a heli when I have 2 jets with guns and missiles coming at me plus stingers from the ground. I can just spend my time evading and try to get a missile lock that I wont be able to follow up on after flares are gone.

    Best defense is Mobile AA being in underneath where they engage.

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    I remember repated occasions where ground based missles were just easily avoided by the use of flares for entire matches.

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