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Thread: bookmarking rps

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    bookmarking rps

    how do people remember/bookmark last read news thread? it is based on page numbers, so if i bookmark page 6, after a week of not reading page 6 has completely different content. You can bookmark specific article, but then i have to sift through pages to find it in order to be able to read newer content. Basically

    page 1
    article a
    article b
    page 2
    article c
    article d

    if i read page 2, c, d, i want to remember that everything above it is something i haven't read and easily come back to it. I want to come back and read oldest->newest from my latest read article.

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    You're basically describing an RSS feed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarfrin View Post
    You're basically describing an RSS reader.
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    Feed reader:


    Be aware that you'll need lots of free time, because the "unread count" will keep ticking up..

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