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    Can't log in to the mian site

    When I log in, I am taken to my profile page. Navigating back to the main site, I am logged out. So it's impossible to comment on any articles.

    I've tried various permutations of clicking login on the main page or below comments, entering the site's url from my profile page, clicking the link in the top left and so on. Nothing seems to work.

    I've tried this in firefox, internet explorer and metro explorer.

    Edit: also I made a typo in the title. So there's that.

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    I believe this is a known issue. I'm having trouble with the blog part of RPS as well. Sometimes it sticks and I get to comment, but there's no telling why it does or doesn't.

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    yeah...known issue. vbulletin does not play nicely with other authentication schemes. RPS can 1) use vb as its authoritative method for the whole site 2) migrate to a more up to date forum such as xenforo or IPB 3) reprogram vb to work with the rest (good luck!).

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