In Hainan, the eyes of all the folk who are at the will of the human desire to do it artificially, so,tory burch purse both in front of all the folk act with a "do" words, such as making clear and bright do relatives (ie marriage), and northerners, "New Year", Hainan dialect called "to do years." Be noted that, "do in" refers to "doing the old year" that the New Year. However, in Hainan, the country, "New Year" is not the year to "do".
Hainan, saying, "Mid-Autumn Festival in fear, afraid of fifteen months." Mid-Autumn Festival is over, preparations for the country to "do the Year": castrated cock, filling fat duck, pig ring, was prepared to nike sneakers Entered the lunar calendar in late December, "do in" the atmosphere is getting thick it!
The first is December 24 to give a "public kitchen." According to legend, "the public kitchen," is the Jade Emperor sent the god of good and evil human supervision, must be heaven this day each year to report to the Jade Emperor. To this end, every household with a bamboo or bamboo sticks to the front of best basketball shoes, inside the house, under the full house on the estate cleaned, incense burners and new ones have to clean up ashes, night festival is set fruit wine prepared for the "public kitchen "off.
One while stocks' kitchen the public, "a long on busy" Fat City. " In the past, the town's "city", 365 days a year, only a few days ago, "City", only "fat" one "fat"! Three birds to sell, sell gold and silver candles, selling fruit Jing Tang Gao, and sell "doll pieces" (paintings), and sell "Wang Yue plaster" (that mountebank), dishes pots to sell, and sell "Festival in orange ", and sell all kinds of clothes ... ... sold there have to buy, gucci shoes sale to buy dried vegetables, and buy wet food (instant that vegetables), buy" public worship "offerings, and bought clothes in , and buy paintings couplet of ... ... throughout the morning, each "city", and knows the weight of the child, and put the basket, pushing the car, carrying a child, old, young, male, man to woman ... ... people go, steady stream. Pick the New Year with the burden edhardy shirts with the car to push the festival. They are hard to dig a one-year savings out! The year's consumption of energy within a few days in which all burst out!
Full of people "do in" the joy of the paintings bought paste in the living room, attached to the lintel on the couplet, and some people in the furniture, fruit trees also labeled "highly profitable" red paper. A few days ago, every house in the busy soaked glutinous rice, grinding rice, make rice cakes, Wenchang and other places are busy doing Mihuatang, peanut candy (fruit do these cakes are very large, both their own food, but also as gifts tom ford glasses, is generally eat the entire end).
Every time this time, in large, medium and small cities in the work of the dignitaries Ye Hao, literati Ye Hao, Ye Hao man in the street, cars sale plasma lead Ye Hao, Ye Hao family line, pockets dry matter whether all carts car, big bags with their wives and children back born in the home ... ...
Hainan saying twisters "Thirty night - anvil as busy." Because in Hainan, no matter how strapped people, the twelfth lunar month thirty, to borrow money through the meters have to fox shir, braised pork, trotter son, meat dishes, vegetarian seven market eight bowl of incense filled the square table in front of the child on the waiting Festival After the ceremony, the ancestors, they set off firecrackers, waiting until after the food has been cool to win through to the family Weizhehuolu eating festive dinner (commonly known as "Lunar"). New Year's Eve, men and women after a bath, all of them put on new clothes, that is to get rid of meaning. Even in the era of the ticket, usually have to scramble to shop monster energy starting from thirty at night, room room lighting, married with light, day and night, for days until the fourth day of the strike before dawn. Commonly known as "Fat Lamp" take "of childbirth rich" means. Thirty nights, many people, "Shou Sui," through the night until the first day came, when, according to hour, every household competing New Year hi gun discharge, meaning "auspicious blessing", then the younger generation to older people kowtow, bow, congratulate
Started this morning, both young and old had to get up to eat, "Zhaifan" (that is to miss the clean white ancestors). " Zhaifan "not only similar to the Islamic halal food and will eat fish, as northerners New Year (annual surplus) as something to eat must have nike running shoes, which must be fried eggplant (eggplant, Hainan, meaning if more than one year good year), water celery fried ("celery" and "ground" homophonic, pray for the family in the new year Qinqin Lao Lao), long fans (meaning live steady), yellow gold piece shaped like tofu dry (meaning Good Fortune) ...
New Year's Day, taboo Trinidad and Tobago: You can not carry water (New Year's Eve was to pick the full tank), can not sweep the floor (even firecrackers paper, scraps of paper Sabian shell ground, chanel bags saying it was the "God of Wealth" to sweep a), not with verbal abuse, can not fight, can not break the containers (which means "harmoniously"), to meet New Year's lucky to be said, then ... ...
Hainan is not the same around the New Year customs, who started second, in some places is the New Year, three days of four to tasteless, can not be started in some places it is Exalted New Year at home. New Year's gifts, or gifts in general there are folders orange citrus leaf to represent "nike free shoes" the blessings of
Two days is a married daughter with her husband the child back to her parents Happy New Year, in the case back to her parents married in the first year New Year, firecrackers are owned, put a string of firecrackers before the door to table this. Her son to Laozhang Ren, the wife's mother is the most solemn New Year's New Year day, at home, other people (especially elders) had at home, to accept Baihe Father-in-law get ready to feast feast chanel handbags at her son and leave, had to wrap a red candy, cakes and other daughter to do, "Ying Road."
Three days, some parts of Hainan, called "fry test," New Year's Eve is about more than specially cooked rice to cook, eat chicken, duck feet with fried Guochao fry eat, to what I said last year this year, also that years have past.