@Jockie: Ah. I'm at about level 34 now and am still doing fine with magic. I'm working towards maxing out enchantment for infinimana (honestly, I'm fine with the damage output, I just need more magicka) but for now a good compromise to buy myself more regen time has been to outfit a housecarl with enchanted ebony armor and Drain Health weaponry. Yes, Argis, keep that Deathlord busy while I blast you both with Flame Wall and then wait to cast Incinerate; don't worry, you can take it!

Speaking of companions, is it my imagination or do they receive infinite arrows and infinite weapon charges? I'm not saying its a bad thing--it's actually a good way to compensate for their simple-mindedness--but I'm not clear on how this works. And do they get infinite arrows if I give them arrows?