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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizardry View Post

    I am once again writing a blog, vaguely about playing games the wrong way

    XCM2 LNG WAR CP Campaign Long War novices Welcome, now with 100% more laser guns!

    In case of forum degradation pull cord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R-F View Post
    No, but I can presume your's from this.
    I don't get it. At what point did I say anything idiotic or wrong?

    Inb4 you say that me not getting your clever little insult just proves that you were right about me being an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalano View Post
    You mean how you're flooding our forum with your fail, because you're so butthurt you can't stand any modicum of criticism?
    Quote Originally Posted by R-F View Post
    A typical codexer comes in and proves why people hate that shitty site.

    EDIT: I do find it funny how his post boiled down to "I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?!"
    Quote Originally Posted by QuantaCat View Post
    Why bother? We can call your forum as shit as we want to!
    RPS really needs to hire new ambassadors of peace.

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    War. War never changes.

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    Uh. No.

    Everyone involved in the squabbling in this thread will be banned if it continues elsewhere.

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