I spotted a massive Battlefield 3 endcap display in my local supermarket the other day. It had 360 and PS3 copies but no PC. It brought home to me the lack of visibility of the PC platform to the average person-in-the-street. Any customer viewing that display would have no idea a PC version exists at all.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo promote their platforms via all media channels, but there's no-one promoting PC as a platform for gaming specifically any more.

So it's not just that there'll be fewer games for the PC, but that there'll be fewer people aware that you can play much better games on the PC, as there's little or no promotion of PC games outside of the internet.

Where are the future customers going to come from if no-one is promoting the platform via mainstream media?

The closest the PC has to a platform holder is Valve. Isn't it about time that Valve started advertising Steam to make more people aware of PC gaming as a competitor to console gaming?