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    Your best hope is to not read any RPS reviews or ever navigate to the Steam store page. If you get any email from, delete it immediately.

    Good luck.
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    I'm planning on doing this until the next Christmas sale. My backlog is over 500 games now. I have so much stuff that I couldn't spend the steam credit I got for Christmas.

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    What's the NNGFAY committee's opinion on shelving games because they are boring? I really can't bring myself to actually finish Rage.
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    I'm not part of the committee but if you don't enjoy it you shouldn't play it. This is a hobby not a job.

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    I'm going to do this this year, it is terrible I have so many great games I haven't played yet keep buying more.

    Also Tikey is right, the goal should be to play good games you own, not to force yourself through every crappy game you had the misfortune to purchase or get in a bundle.

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    I hardly ever finish games, even ones I like. It doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as not even trying games I bought does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelron View Post
    I hardly ever finish games, even ones I like. It doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as not even trying games I bought does.
    That's me too - I reckon I've "completed" (as in done the whole single player story, at least) about 40-50 of the 400-odd games I own - I've probably binned about the same number for various reasons and the rest are either "I might go back to it" or "I didn't really like it but you never know - time passes".

    I actually ran through my collection (spreadsheet) over Xmas and tidied it up - of 423 games there are 80-odd I've not touched (75% being bundle games I'm not really keen on) and about 80 I've played but not really gotten my 'money's worth' out of yet

    160-odd games sounds a lot but I just don't buy games to 'complete' them - I like to see how they work, I use them to kill time/amuse myself as-and-when.

    I don't get this religious observance people seem to have about 'finishing' stuff...

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