Before I get flamed out of here, I'd like to ask you - yes, you - a simple question:

Who is Icefrog?

I'm seeing a lot of claims here that Icefrog is too in love with his own design, or that Icefrog is invoked as the ultimate defense for any change that happens/doesn't happen in any game of the genre. But what do we currently know about Icefrog?

Incontrovertible Facts about Icefrog
1. Icefrog is the current lead developer for DotA (whatever that means, usually coder/bug tester/what have you on, and possibly the executive decision maker for Dota 2.
2. Icefrog works for Valve.

Everything else is mostly speculation about the guy based on hearsay from what you've heard about him - if you're a DotA fan, you probably love the guy. If you submitted an idea that was used but wasn't properly credited, and it appears he tries to credit as many people as possible in changelogs these days, you're probably a bit disgruntled. Same goes for people that disagree because of version changes/balancing, but you're still playing. For those that know about Icefrog through the random blog once updated with slanderous allegations (never proven), or have heard about Icefrog through disgruntled players now in LoL/HoN, he's probably the lowest person on your list ever. Same for those accusing Icefrog of stealing Valve's attention away from HL3 :D If you don't care about the genre, why are you even reading this?

Incontrovertible Facts about Dota Fans
1. They're mostly aggressive, stupid, and prone to trolling for no reason.
2. They mostly claim Icefrog is a living god-emperor and can do no wrong, when they have no idea if there's life in the body on the golden-err, icy throne.

Most of these players couldn't care less about what happens, as long as they get their daily fix and like it - which Icefrog has been doing for a long time, long enough that they may not want their fix any other way.

Which leads me to the question - what do you know about Icefrog? Why are you estatic/happy/sad/disappointed/furious with Dota 2? What happened such that this guy, whom millions of people adore as a living saint, suddenly seems to have pissed in your morning coffee?

Nothing has changed and/or been Valve polished from DotA to Dota 2.
Software is generally an iterative process, and they're focusing on doing the port first before implementing anything new. If you introduce something new then need to scrap all of the code because of something else already on the table to be implemented, it's generally not a smart use of time.

It doesn't seem like Icefrog/Valve is listening to any suggestions about Dota 2.
Icefrog and Valve like to lurk a lot. People that get replies from Icefrog are treated as being blessed from above for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Dota 2 Beta is sooooooo good ggnore/Dota 2 Beta so bad, those baddies
That's so far removed from the truth that it's not even funny. This is an incredibly early public beta that they'd generally be showing to friends/family/inside testing groups first. You're experiencing how Valve tests and polishes the shit out of their games first hand, along with public announcements from Valve on how their testing and polishing is turning out. You wonder why the game doesn't feel as polished as other Valve games - uh, duh? Valve has never claimed the beta was a "beta," that term we now use for timelocked demos. They've lots of work to do and it has never been claimed otherwise.

So, Who is Icefrog?
The most recent monster stopping Valve from working on HL3? The spotless god-emperor on his icy throne, shining a path for other games to follow? Or a projection for your beliefs, whatever they may be? Don't shine your like/hate beam on some...thing you have no clue about, that's all I'm saying.

Is Icefrog even male?


You can now return to your regularly scheduled love/hate fest regarding Dota 2 Beta.