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    So this is me eating crow. I got my character to level 18 before the beta weekend ended and I have to admit if they let me keep the same character in the final version I probably would have bought the game, but thankfully the notion of going through the first 10 levels again is daunting enough to discourage me from doing it.

    The main story and sidequests got way more interesting once I left the starting planet, powers got more useful and the space combat minigame was simple but surprisingly fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by R-F View Post
    I wouldn't say the combat is mediocre. That means it's worse than the average for an MMO. I'd say it's on par if not a little better.
    Fair enough, but when they say this is KOTOR 3, 4 and 5 I don't feel I'm being ridiculous when I start comparing it to single player RPGs. And by those standards I still feel it is pretty mediocre.

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    The game and story really starts at level 10, but I agree, I will be playing this with a couple of friends and probably will have lots of fun that will keep me playing but I would liked it more if it was a single player campaign and a squad like Mass Effect to complete Flashpoints, maybe add some regular multiplayer in there for those who want to hang out with friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravelle View Post
    They could have improved the alignment if they went with converations, like they did with Mass Effect, where you're not able to see what the moral of your choice is. Mass effect had also those grey area of good and bad and answers that you thought were good but gave you dark points instead, it's dialogue reponses were also better written out which made you think for a moment of what answer you should pick, it was more based on your actions and personality than choose dark or good.
    In the Mass Effects weren't the Renegade & Paragon replies always in exactly the same spot on the dialogue wheel? On repeat playthroughs I would just mash the conversation option for whether I was going for P or R and I always got exactly what I was expecting. If there are any examples of grey area then they must be the exception, not the rule. - We've got more games than time...

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