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    Batman Arkham City flickering border issue.

    There's no mention of this specific error on the internet, unless I'm using the wrong search terms. Thus I turn to the hive mind:

    In the below linked image you can see a white gradient at the bottom of the screen. This flickers and is persistent across the entire game. It looks a billion times worse when it's flickering.

    This image

    Things to consider:
    Running a clapped out AMD processor and motherboard but Arkham Asylum was fine.

    Mainly because of the two GTX 260's in there. They are now showing some strain, two years on from purchase. I keep the drivers up to date (285.62, which took me fucking ages to find out).

    Anyway, any suggestions to resolve flickering bastard borders would be lovely.

    P.S. I know my computer is a heap of steaming dog plops. Component prices seem to be rising not dropping so I'm grumpily refusing to purchase anything.
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    Tried running without SLI?

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    Good shout, I'll try it.

    Also if a moderator could move this to the tech help forum that I was supposed to post it in that would be super great. Yes, I'm an idiot.
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    That does actually fix it. I'm seeing what might be considered a laughably small performance drop too. Sli top tip: Don't fucking bother (unless it's top of the line, bleeding edge kit and there are little to no bottlenecks in your system to maximise the two cards).
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