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    Indie game: "SteroidS" - (think of it as Asteroids meets Super Smash TV)

    EDIT (it'll be obvious I edited this thread, but I'm adding the "edit" anyway :P )

    Hello all! Just wanted to present our indie game (we're a crew of 3, although not all of them working on making the games).

    SteroidS is basically "Asteroids," but instead of being a ship destroying stones you're a scientist killing thugs, so it's score-based. I've seen some people expect the game to be more like a "shoot them up" where you go through different levels and fight bosses, which is not exactly what I intended. Maybe because they see tiny people running around they expect to behave like any other shooter with tiny people running around.

    The idea of advancing through levels sounds fine to me, but I'm more inclined to quick gameplay sessions where you only focus on scores, and you select the stage you wanna be in, instead of "unlocking" the other stages or "discovering" them as you play. So I was thinking of ways to combine the "sense of advancing" with the scores thing, maybe small levels that let you go from room to room, but allowing you to select the one you want instead of "unlocking" them. How does this sound?

    So, as I've put on the site's disclaimer: "input about what you like/dislike, as well as new ideas for
    gameplay modes are welcome."

    More info:

    There's a demo on IndieDB ( but I just replaced it with a new version of the demo (it includes the BSG from the last update). so I have to wait for them to re-approve the file (as of december 16th, if you read this in the future, demo should be ready).
    Another demo link:

    And that's all. The full game is $5.99
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    Hi :)

    Well was working on an update for the game based on testing, input, and such. Some of the changes are...
    I tweaked the "steroids boost" the enemies get when they are shot. That boost wasn't really that noticeable so I changed it (a lot). Now the boost is more noticeable, and there's even a few enemies that get a HUGE boost when shot. I just did that for the weakest ones, I didn't want them to be impossible to kill after becoming too fast :P

    Some people complained the sound was too annoying (and I have to admit that was true), and if you see any of the previous you'll see there were too many sound effects (including some endless laughter), so I removed most of those (and decreased the volume on those that remain) so now, most of the time you only hear the music, the sound of the steroids gun, and the sound when an enemy dies. There are also 3 more music tracks: a dubstep track, some sort of japanese disco-ish (or something) track, and some techno/electronic thing.

    And this one is my favorite: I added a new power up, the "BSG" (Big Steroids Gun) which is a gun that kills any enemy with only one bullet (and also the gun fires a lot faster). To tell the truth I like the idea of adding these sorta-references into the game, so when I was thinking of a name for this "really powerful gun" I remembered the BFG from Doom, so...

    I just setup some online ordering system on the site, so if you wanna check out the game you can go here: (and then you use the "buy" button, which takes you to a page with a BMTMicro form) I also made some sort of "bundling offer," so if you buy more than one copy you get 50% off your entire order. For example, if you buy 2, one delivered to you and the other one to a friend, you get 50% off so you end up paying only 1, and if you get 4, you pay around 11.96 which is like buying only 2. That "offer" is only valid if you buy it directly on the site using that BMTMicro form.

    On that same page there's also a free demo you can download, or I can simply give you the direct link: This version doesn't include the steroids boost tweaks and the BSG (and it still has the annoying sounds I mentioned above). I hope to have an updated demo this week (and then it's a matter of waiting for IndieDB to authorize the download. Still, it's worth checking out :D

    I am thinking leaderboards would be a cool thing to add, but if you asked me, I'd like to see one day to see players go into a forum and start these discussions like "you see, I am tougher than you because I managed to get over 9000 points in this game type," or "I managed to survive this game type without being touched once" (there are some time-based game types). That, to me is cooler than a leaderboard with a bunch of numbers.

    Well, that's all, I'd love if you downloaded the demo, and if you like it get the full thing. Questions, comments, are welcome here and if you download the demo (or get the full game) I'd love to read what you think.
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    Since today is friday and everybody is looking forward to the weekend (and since the new demo is going live today, I hope), I wanted to share a couple of gift codes for the game so you can take the full game for a spin:


    And this is where you redeem the code:

    And again, as the first (edited) post says, input on the game, and ideas, are very welcome. Bug reports too
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    Hi :)

    Just wanted to share the new video with you This one is for version 2.0 which I made available some time ago, but didn't really make a video until recently.

    BTW SteroidS is also available on GamersGate now:
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