Check out what Atari has coming out for iOS:

Titled Breakout Boost, it adds plenty of modern features to the classic brick-breaker, including power-ups, special bricks and – the most modern feature of all – in-app purchases.

Breakout Boost will contain five (five) free levels and "over 200 more unique brick layouts available via in-app purchase." Specific prices and levels aren't mentioned, but here's hoping Atari opts for the popular "here's a ton of stuff for 99 cents" model.


I'm guessing all the "extra" levels available through in app purchase will cost either .99 cents a piece or maybe 2 for .99 cents, which means that Atari wants you to pay either 100 or 200 dollars to play Breakout. That is a MASSIVE rip off and I honestly don't see why anybody in their right minds would get in on a game like this. Are the people who buy games on their smartphones "new" gamers who have no idea what you should get for you money when purchasing games? I mean really, individually buying levels for a Breakout game? Unless they sell something like 50 packs of levels for a couple dollars or something, then that's not so bad. But, judging by other games that rely on in app purchase, I'm guessing they're going to nickel and dime it like crazy.

Personally, I'd rather just buy an actual Breakout or Arkanoid cabinet.