Who plays them? Who wants to play them?

And card games too!

I've been hankering after playing some board games for months, mainly thanks to Mr Florence and his excellent DowntimeTown videos, followed by the Cardboard Children articles. A few weeks ago I bought some, and me and my girlfriend play most weekends. Great fun.

I bought Castle Ravenloft, which seems like a great introduction and we're finding lots of fun, and the miniatures are fantastic. Carcassone, a beautiful and elegant tile-laying game. Plus Munchkin and Race for the Galaxy, which I seem to be finally getting the hang of.

Currently really looking forward to the reprinting of War of the Ring, which I believe is due around September.

However, this stuff is addictive.

I had been lusting after a certain game for a while.

Today I received it in the post, still in its cellophane wrap.

It is stunning.