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    Why Origin is a genius piece of work

    I buy BFBC2

    I play BFBC2 and I enjoy it

    Origin is released.

    Origin adds BFBC2 to my Origin account

    Origin refuses to download patch for BFBC2

    I try to reinstall BFBC2 from disk = fail

    I try to reinstall BFBC2 by downloading through Origin = Origin crashes to desktop every time I start the download.

    I cry. Origin wins.

    Question: Anyone else suffering from constant ctd with Origin? The only game I can actually play with Origin is FIFA 12, everything else is crashing before it can even begin downloading.

    Even with FIFA 12 I have to click very quickly to get the game loaded or Origin crashes before I can start.

    If I try to download while playing FIFA 12 I get massive frame rate loss.

    Please help :(

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    Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Origin? Maybe run in compatibility mode? I've never had Origin itself crash. I'm on Windows 7 x64.

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    Have you tried Origins support team?

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