I used to think that I cannot play online game at home because of insufficient bandwidth. Then I discovered that it was rather a connection stability problem in stead. I have demanded that my ISP to resolve the issue, which is likely to be fixed in a few days. That says, I may be able to play games like Battlefield 3 online at home.

Here comes my concern, how should I price this game? I see that retail price for Battlefield 3 remain rigidly at USD 45 (East Asia price), essentially the exact same price at launch. Retailers all refer to this as a "new" game. I dont know, would you refer to a game which has been released for more than a month as a new game? The fact Battlefield 3 being an online game makes time more valuable. Considering the fact I've lost about a month of game time, I really think the value of this game should depreciate for a certain amount.

So generally, how you price a game post release? What variables would you input into the pricing model? Time being a factor, and what else? For me, I generally consider a game to depreciate less overtime if the singleplayer of a game has higher replay value.