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    Sorry to hear you all decided to roll on other servers - best of luck, and if you ever decide to re-roll be sure to give me a shout!

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    I'll likely be playing on US-West; what servers are y'all on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by realeh View Post
    Decided to avoid queues as well. I'll be on The Shadow Runner, EU PVP. I might set up a guild with a few friends and anyone's welcome really (it'll be small though :D). Char's names are Realeh and Vancouver.
    What faction are you on The Shadow Runner? I just started playing Empire there and am interested in joining a casual guild.

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    Lord Calypho trooper, reporting for duty! Name is Falken; if anybody wants to join forces for the Republic (and for the Lulz :D ) you're welcome!
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