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    Hi everyone,

    I recently discovered that behind RPS there's a forum with awesome people on it, so I thought this could be a great place to look for like-minded people.

    I like variety in terms of games that I play. If I play 1 game too much I get burned out on it and stop playing it for a while (sometimes a very long one). This often results in me not finishing singleplayer games, but that's not a problem cause I can always come back later and finish it whenever I feel like it.

    With multi-player games it's not that easy. I love multiplayer games, especially team or co-op games, but most of the time I have no one to play them with. The main reason is that low-level players don't group up. Of course there are clans (or similar) in almost any game with at least some degree of competition, but to get there you usually need to get at least decent and play regularly. I don't blame them, cause if the didn't that usually be no different than playing with random people. So I'm stuck with that which can be frustrating. When it comes to co-op games there are usually no organized groups, so if you don't have friends who play the same games you're bound to look for strangers if you want to play.

    You could say that playing with strangers is not that bad. Not always, but how often do you get people that's fun to play with ? Even if you do find somebody, you play for a while you add him to your friends list, it turns out that it's only this one game that you both play. That's it. So after you're done playing he's just sitting in your friends list until someone decides to clean his list up.

    One more thing before I get to my point (I warned you, didn't I?). The thing that bothers me the most when it comes to strangers is that you can't talk with them. You TYPE. During the game this comes down to the essential communication because you came there to play, not type all day long, and after the game it's mostly just "That was fun, bye". This leaves no place for the usual chit-chat that happens when you TALK with people. You can't socialize with fellow players in-game, and doing it after consumes a huge ammount of time, cause typing is a very slow way of communicating and people don't have the time.

    This leads to the playerbase of a particular game getting divided into 2 groups. The first one is people who are either new and/or unskilled, don't feel like trying to get into a clan cause this usually requires a lot of time and effort or just like to play alone. This guys usually don't experience much teamwork or cooperation, so it's not so fun for them to play (they have a hard time winning, don't feel like they make a difference, get bored easily etc.) The second are people in clans who have more fun with this game, but they either play it exclusively or at least put a lot of time into this game.

    I don't like to put too much time into one game. There's too many great games out there to focus too much on just one. No matter how good it is, at some point I'll have to search for a new group/clan etc. I'd like to have a way not to start over every time I go to a new game (or come back to an old one).

    So here's my solution:
    Let's gather like-minded people. As we get bigger it's gonna get easier to find people to play games that you like (or feel like playing right now). Maybe you'll find people who never tried to play a game you like and are willing to try. Maybe they'll get hooked up. Who knows.

    You like playing a variety of co-op or team games ? This is the place for you.
    You like to play less popular games that have low playerbase ? This is the place for you too.
    You play a popular game buy you would like to play in a somewhat coordinated team but don't have time to play in a clan ? Still in the right place.

    I don't expect anyone to be good at anything except for the ability to communicate.
    So I have only ONE big requirement - having a MICROPHONE.

    I've learned from my experience, that even if the game is not so good, being able to talk to fellow players makes it much more fun. If you are new to the game, you can get better very fast, because you can get some advice from other players on-the-fly. Finally if there's not much going on (loading screens, early game phases, no enemies areas etc.) you can just chat, learn a thing or two or maybe discover you both like to play another game. And you DON'T HAVE TO TYPE ! I personally despise typing when I can talk. It takes so much time to type the things you want to say. Think about how easier it is to communicate something by talking rather than typing.

    Please make sure that it works properly though. It's of no use if no one can understand what your saying because of static, loopback or whatever.

    I don't want this to be a strictly co-op community. Playing against people you know and can talk too is also fun and I intend to do all the fun stuff !

    If you're interested, reply in this thread. Put some info about yourself and which co-op/team games you like playing (or would like to play with someone rather than alone). If there'll be enough interest for this I might think of a Vent server or something similar, but for now use this thread or PM me.

    If you got here I'm proud of you :D
    See you in-game !
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