Over the last few years I haven't ever really complained too much about GFWL, it pissed me off the way it updated and how it stores its save files but I never really saw the reason why people hated it so much, until today.

I was sitting around on a sunday, my first free day of a long week ready to get back into Arkham City and chase down the penguin when the game crashed every time I launched it. I spent ages finding a solution to the problem but nope, so I reinstalled the game and nope nothing happened, then I tried opening GFWL marketplace and again that crashed.

I tried reinstalling .net 4 that GFWL uses and again no change.

So I began looking up the error and there wasnt too much documentation for it online just discussions on forums everywhere and one person saying that reinstalling their OS was a solution. After feeling sad and thinking up a preparation to backup for the OS reinstall I tried another GFWL game to see if that was also borked, and yeah it was. So I looked up the error and found that someone on the Fable steam forums had solved the problem.

They said install Windows Live Essentials 2011 and repair it, I did this and straight away it all worked again. This is installing a messenger program to fix this. By the time I had fixed it I was planning on playing a game of League of Legends with friends before heading to bed. But yeah any developers planning on using GFWL obviously don't care about their users or else they would choose another platform such as Steamworks or none at all.

Anyone else had any similar experiences with this?

I had to install Windows Live Messenger to fix GFWL after spending a day trying to do so.