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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    I've got a copy of
    -Garshasp the monster slayer []
    - A.I War : Fleet command []

    I'm open to offers, however I'd particularly love a copy of The Orange box, haven't played HL2 In a long time, and I've yet to play them at all on pc.
    I'd like AI War but all I can offer is copy of Hacker evolution duality or a copy of E.Y.E.

    If you're interested drop me a PM :)
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    I'm looking for Arma II OA or a coupon for it (I'm not sure if they exist though).
    If anyone has either and is willing to trade, please PM me and I'll try to make a reasonable offer.

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    I have:
    - Day of Defeat: Source
    - Half-Life 2: Episode One
    - Half-Life 2: Episode Two
    - VVVVVV
    - 50% Off Batman Arkham Asylum
    - 33% Off Football manager 2012
    - 33% Off Driver San Francisco
    - 50% Off Cogs
    - 25% off Bethesda

    Steam name - Alinithegreat
    Happy to spread the love, such as it is.

    Err, if you're feeling generous one or two copies of Dungeon Defenders or Renegade Ops Coldstrike Campaign?
    If you're feeling extra, extra generous there's my wishlist too ;)

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    I see you
    Got one "-33% idSuperPack" send me a pm

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    I've got 50% off coupons for Fallout 3, Sequence, Bit.Trip Runner, and Evil Genius. I just wanna give 'em to someone who'll use 'em, so send me a thing on Steam if you want any of those.

    Also, I am terrified by that spreadsheet, but I will do my best to edit in my coupons.

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