Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that I and Jockie will be starting a RPS guild for SW:TOR for those who have interest.
The guild will be made on the server called Bacca's Blade, It's a PvE server and is light on population at this moment so no queue's, lets hope it stays that way. We will be playing on the republic side.
The name we have so far is Rock Paper Sabre but I am certainly open to suggestions.

Since the game just started and we are still low levels there is no actual guild atm but once we have the ability to make one we will do so. If you have any interest in joining this guild you can either leave a message with your characters name in this thread or add me has a friend in the game. My characters name is Zarick so feel free to add me.

I hope there will be enough interest for this so we can get some nice groups together for some flashpoints/dungeons and to troll each other in NPC conversations.

Hope to see you in local cantina!