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    Mumble - VOIP for playing with other readers - Updated 22/02/2015 - See OP!

    Mod Edit: The Mumble server (listed below) is being terminated on 23rd March 2015. We have a new Mumble server and this (along with all of the other relevant details) can be found here. Please use that server from 23rd March onwards. Thanks!

    is a VOIP client like Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco and Mohawk. Unlike the rest, it has something resembling a stable overlay so if you're chatting to strangers you can actually tell them apart. It's also open source and free, which is nice.

    We have a 512 slot mumble server running with generous bandwidth limits.

    Port: 64738 (default - you can leave it blank when connecting)

    We use Mumble for many different games. It provides excellent audio quality, without having to fight with whatever game you're playing. I'm looking at you, release-day Battlefield 3!

    It's also useful for coordinating large numbers of people. In games with their own VOIP solution, a two-tier approach of using ingame for banter and Mumble for information or e.g. inter-squad communications works very well.

    Smaller groups use it too. In addition to the big fish (currently planetside 2), there are also dozens of people using the server for everything from Dota 2 to Neverwinter. Some folks even use it for playing pen-and-paper RPGs or just idly chatting when not playing anything.

    The server has dozens of channels by default, but by right clicking on one you'll be able to make your own temporary one. This works well for those Hot Releases that there aren't enough permanent channels for. You can even put a password your temporary channel. If you're playing something regularly enough to warrant a permanent channel, or find that you need admin rights over a channel for some reason, post here or send me a PM.


    • Q: Do I have to use push to talk?
    • A: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE PUSH TO TALK. Yes, it can be annoying having to press a button, but it’s better than having to listen to constant heavy breathing! Be considerate of other users!

    • Q: Someone is being annoying!
    • A: Right click on them, select ‘local mute’. If they’re being truly offensive/abusive, find an admin or name and shame them here.

    • Q: How do I find an Admin?
    • A: If it’s urgent, you can right click on the root channel (Rock Paper Shotgun Mumble Server), go to groups, and select either admin for global admins (just me for now) or a relevant acronym (e.g. ps2 - vanu - eu - full is channel admins for the EU Planetside 2 Vanu outfit) and see a list of people you could bug. Alternatively, post here or send me a PM.

    • Q: I want to hear one person but not the rest of this rabble!
    • A: Select said person, right click, pick ‘priority speaker’. Useful for group leaders, but note that this is a local setting. You can't currently prioritise speakers for others, even when you're an admin!

    • Q: There are no empty slots to connect to!
    • A: Unlikely. If this happens, report it here and I’ll increase the number of slots.

    • Q: There’s no room / too few subchannels for the game I want to play!
    • A: All users should be able to make temporary channels by right clicking an existing channel (e.g. games) and then going to “Add”. If you're playing a lot of a game, or need local admin powers for some reason, post here or send me a PM.

    • Q: How do I create/use a passworded room?
    • A: When creating a room there will be an option to specify a password. If a room is created with a password specified, you need to go to Server->Access Tokens, then add the password. You’ll then be able to access the room.

    If you already have Mumble installed, you can click here. If not:

    • Download Mumble.
      • You do NOT need Murmur, as that is the server executable.

    • Run the Mumble installer executable.
      • Follow the prompts.
      • Create a certificate when asked (painless, works instead of passwords).
      • A pinging sound whenever you try to click something is a sign that you're supposed to click on another menu. If you have multiple displays, perhaps the box you seek is on another screen?

    • Please SET UP PUSH TO TALK.
    • You'll reach a prompt that looks vaguely like Fig. 1:

    Fig. 1: Welcome screen and RPS server details (animated gif)

    • Click "add new" and fill in the following details per Fig. 1. The label and your name do not matter, but try to keep it clean.
      • You can leave the port blank if it isn't filled in automatically!

    • Click OK.
    • Attempt to connect to the server by double clicking on your new Rock Paper Shotgun! entry. You'll always be able to find the server easily through your favourites (Server->Connect or Ctrl+o).
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