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    Help and advice?

    Hello RPS people!

    As you are the most supportive and encouraging internet community ever (apart from Null, he's evil), I think I'll start trying to get into FTL slots more often in order to get better at it. I got very discouraged today after trying it and I think I let the people in my squad down but I can't give up like that and practice makes perfect after all!

    So in order to be better prepared for it, any advice that you can think of is most welcome! I have some specific questions:

    1)What keybinds do you use for VON, Mumble and MumbleCC? At the moment I have CapsLock, T and MouseButton4 respectively, since everything else on the keyboard (that is accessible) seems to be taken. Any suggestions?

    2) The job of the FTL is to relay orders from the CO to their squad, but how do you deal with the fact that sometimes, both CC and VON (let's not even add the Mumble channels when e.g. Alpha and Beta act as a unit) are online? Do you request radio silence from your squad or?

    3) If an FTL spots a group of enemies, is his priority to report it to his squad or CO? Can a FTL decide when his squad should engage or should the order always come from the CO? As you can see, my questions stem from the grunt perspective, as whenever I asked permission to engage, I never knew whether my FTL had asked permission from CO first or whether it came directly from the FTL...

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    I hate being FTL and I'm not very good at it, so take these replies with a pinch of salt.

    1) I like to have them all on my mouse, but I've got more buttons there than I can use. Just pick something you're comfortable with and can reach easily. I believe ctrl and shift are not used by default in Arma bindings if that helps.

    2) If you need to listen on CC then yeah, tell your squad to shut up. Saying "break break" usually does the trick. As long as you keep relaying orders to your squad (when we're using CC, anyway), you're doing fine. Some people tend to forget their squad can't hear what command is saying, it can get quite confusing as a grunt if no one's telling you where to go.

    3) Depends on the mission and your judgement, the commander will usually give some specific orders about when to engage. Unless the enemies are posing an immediate danger to another squad, you should probably alert your own squad first so they're all aware of the danger and can get ready to engage. If you don't already have orders from the commander, the general rule is engage active or close enemies, but if you can safely hold fire then report them and wait for orders.

    If you're a grunt, just don't worry about it and shoot whoever everyone else is shooting.

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    I'm using a Logitech G15 keyboard with "G-buttons" to the left of ctrl/shift/caps and a Logitech mx518 mouse.
    Mumble PTT is binded to Scroll Lock and cloned to G6(next to left ctrl) and the "Back-button"(mouse4?) on the mouse.
    I've got Whisper to CC on "Forward"/Mouse5(?) and VON is on Insert and cloned to G5(just next to shift).

    No, the job of the FTL is to recieve orders from the CO then hand out tasks to the squad ;)
    I just tell my squad to shut up over VON if I need to hear something on CC or vice versa; I think getting the position of a tank from my AT guy is a bit more important then new orders from the CO..

    It's everyones job to make sure the guys around them know where the enemies are...
    Depending on the CO's order a FTL usually has some leeway and can make is own decision on when to engage the enemy.
    But as said; it depends on the orders and ROE.
    Oh and if your FTL tells you to open fire - OPEN FIRE!! He'll let you know when you can stop ^.^

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    All the comms stuff can feel intimidating at first. Like most things in ARMA2, it'll get better with experience. we totally appreciate you trying out FTLing.

    1) When I still had Mumble stuff bound to keyboard, I think I used Ctrl for normal Mumble PTT key and Ctrl+Shift for CC. Capslock for VON. If you have trouble setting up CC, hop on the RPS Steam chat and ask someone to help you out.

    2) Like Kelron said, "break break" is a polite and clear way of informing your fireteam that you need to listen to something. Ask them to repeat what they were going to say afterwards.

    3) If you see enemies, your fireteam needs to know about them, even if you're not going to immediately engage. Also report to CO. If your fireteam or another element is in immediate danger (the enemy is active and fairly close), shoot first, warn the other elements and then report to CO what happened.

    FTL can definitely decide to engage hostiles without asking CO. FTL makes the call based on where the enemies are, what they're doing, your fireteam's orders and the current engagement mode. If you've been told to hold fire and think you're not in immediate danger, but the enemy is in your way, report it, keep your heads down and ask for further orders.

    Also keep in mind that generally you as an FTL know the immediate situation of your fireteam better than the CO. If CO tells you to hold fire when you report an enemy patrol running towards you at 50m distance with murder in their eyes, inform CO you can't do that, and order your guys to engage.

    In general leading a fireteam isn't so much about relaying orders, but about taking those orders to heart and then using your fireteam to accomplish them. Keep your guys informed of what your current goal is, give them a general idea of how you want them to move and engage enemies, don't micromanage unless you really need to. When not busy, tell them what's going on elsewhere in the mission area.
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    yea these are some good tips, but maybe in the next sessions we could use mumble for each FT? It is just ingame VON is so unreliable and if some people have that sound managment system plugin installed, you can't hear anything and the only reliable comunication you have is over mumble.

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