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    [README] ARMA 2 Free

    Games cost money. Money we don't always have, and we want to make sure that the game is actually worth the investment.

    ARMA 2 Free is a feature-limited but free version of the base ARMA 2 game. Think of it like a bigger demo. It's great for figuring out if the game will run well and if it plays in a way that's fun for you.

    So we operate an ARMA 2 Free server to let you do just that.

    Irregularly. Post in here to drum up some interest; most of us play the paid-for version instead.

    Server Name: RockPaperShotgun - A2 FREE! [ARPS]
    Port: 2602 <-- Note that 2302 is A2 Combined Ops, 2602 is A2 Free
    Server Password: None

    VOIP Client: Mumble
    Port: 64738

    Please use push to talk (PTT) on VOIP!


    • Q: Is this representative of playing with the RPS group?
    • A: Yes and no.
      • The fundamental game mechanics are the same. If you find yourself hating the way you move and shoot we can't do anything about it.
      • The gameplay is quite different, though. The public server tends to play no-risk "missions" like Domination, which have respawns, unlimited revive and many toys (jets, sniper rifles, tanks).
      • The proper server tends to focus on smaller scale missions of 15-25 people trying to complete a single objective in 30-40 minutes. Communication and coordination are essential.
      • When the admins aren't looking, things tend to take a nose dive. Sometimes literally.

    • Q: Can we get some admins on the server?
    • A: Join the steam group chat, or Arma channels in Mumble.
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