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A massive hostile push has swept all friendly units from Zargabad. The city itself is largely undamaged; surprise and sheer numbers won the day.

Your company has been tasked with retaking the city. First, we must push through the city and recapture the outlying firebases and their mortar / AA emplacements.

Then light armour and close air support will be able to force the enemy back into the desert.

Your platoon must recover Firebase Dynamo. Expect no support before you have completed this objective; until those Firebases fall we cannot risk our more vital assets.
A simple two-part assault mission across an urban area.

First, cross Zargabad whilst under constant attack. Then capture a fortified emplacement (whilst still being attacked).

If you stop advancing, you tend to run out of bullets and blood before the enemy run out of men.
Map: Zargabad
JIP: No (untested, probably bugs out)
Scripts: F2, UPSMON, Norrin's Revive, DWRinger's TGInit, Ei8ght's Defense Towers, Ghostfire's USMC FOB, and bespoke scripts
Requires: Combined Ops

This is a mission I whipped up whilst trying to bend the F2 framework into an RPS Stub for easier mission making (i.e. enabling Toys, Body armour, Revive/Respawn, etc). The secondary aim was to create some intense, close-ranged encounters.

  • Weather/Time of day randomisation (parameter)
  • Player equipment choice (parameter; Normal/Stealth/Toys)
  • Dynamic enemy spawning and patrolling
    • Enemies spawn in semi-random locations defined by preplaced markers and a script
    • Enemy groups have random composition, from OA forces only
    • The number of enemies spawned in each group depends on the number of players connected and the time into the mission
    • (later 'waves' feature larger, more numerous groups and sometimes vehicles)
    • Enemy population is controlled by a minimum and a maximum value
    • Enemy equipment depends upon the gear set the players pick (they use the same F2 gear tables)
    • Enemies use UPSMON for enhanced AI and urban patrol/combat performance

  • Semi-random roadblocks
    • Random chance of presence (for sandbags+mgun/pile of logs plus a couple of sentries/etc) at various intersections

  • Norrin's revive is present in a limited form; players cannot respawn, have a limited number of "knockdowns" and must see a medic after being revived.

Thus far, the mission has only been completed once. In an earlier, easier, buggier form. By fleeing directly to the objective without stopping to help casualties.

I'm an evil person so it's now much harder. The credits read "Made by Nullkigan, with Hate" for a reason :)

However, there are several "invisible" bugs in the mission that I need to fix for the next version. The new version will take a while as I'll be redoing it from the ground up using a new stub.

I'm taking feedback/requests for the new version.

(As of this post, v7 is currently on the Combined Ops server. The firefights get intense.)