I actually appreciated that they don't force you to use the rock blaster. It's a much more entertaining challenge to use just the right amount of inertia via gravity toggling to bonk a guy on the head with a crate. And I figure if Rochard himself can live through that, then they can. The Skypolice can just clean up later. I've had my FFFFF moments though, where I've had to really resist the urge to use the rock blaster. Like that upside-down room. Trying to bounce one of the large crates in there was a nightmare, and yet it was so, so satisfying.

Sometimes it's nice to have a change of pace like this. It reminds me of what I've always loved about games. There's a certain elegance and charm to it that's far too rare, the same sort of elegance and charm that Portal has. I suppose Rochard is one of the first instances of a developer aping Valve commercially, and I think that that's a good thing.


Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Trine i like, Trine 2 too, both great games. But there's a certain... clumsiness to Trine. Not just in the controls, but in the design. I can't be too angry at it because they are wonderful little games, but it seems as though with Trine the execution falls just short of the vision. The same is true with Magicka, really, since you bring that up. I actually think that Magicka could use a pause mode where you can line up spells, and have it work on multiplayer servers too a la NWN where it can be enabled/disabled on the server side. But yeah, those are great examples of execution just falling short.

But with Rochard, it's ... I don't know what the right word to apply here, really. Unexpected, I suppose. It's unexpected that it's so unknown, because it has its vision, and it pulls it off with aplomb, and in doing so it becomes inherently a more enjoyable experience than Trine. It doesn't ever fumble, it gets everything right. Or it has for the amount of it that I've played so far. And to me it feels like a really good game, which is why I'm surprised that it hasn't had more coverage.

And I was tempted by -SlotMachineHeadMan- (just pretend that's a strikethrough, I wish the forum software allowed for that) HARD RESET too. I really was. The only thing that held me back is that I think it would absolutely butcher my laptop. I'm still currently figuring out an upgrade, and ... it would probably not enjoy inhabiting this old thing.

Finally! I had not tried FUEL Refueled! Good grief, I'm going to end up installing that again, too. >_>

Still, I absolutely do not at all mind an excuse to install FUEL again.

*adjusts list.*