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    Guns of Icarus Online (Kick starter event Inside)

    Hey everyone,

    I recently came across an Ambitious indie Game/MMO being made by a company called MUSE games.
    Guns of Icarus Online for those of you who are unfamiliar with Guns of Icarus go purchase the first game on steam or read what guns of Icarus online is all about here -

    • Competitive multiplayer Co-op & PvP
    • Unique combat system Shooter, time-management, navigation
    • Post-apocalyptic steampunk/dieselpunk look
    • Extensive customization with lots of weapons, engines, and decorative ship parts
    • Robust skills system and player classes
    • Environmental effects playing a key role in ship status and combat strategy
    • Campaign with mission, factions, trade, and crafting - dynamically affecting battlefronts and alliances

    As for the Kick starter -

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    Quote Originally Posted by lecent View Post
    Guns of Icarus Online is a forthcoming cooperative airship combat game set in a persistent, post-apocalyptic world for multiplayers.
    I love this game.

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    Look at the spammers talking to themselves.

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    I'm tempted to report every single post in this thread*, but instead I'm just going to walk away and never touch this game.

    *Except Malawi, obviously. - We've got more games than time...

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    Guns of Icarus Online
    Recently I have played a very interesting new game, the game name am Guns of Icarus Online.
    here is some more info about it

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