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    A year in gaming - An effort to clear the 'backlog' of impulse buys

    Ok gentlefolk and ladypersons. Here begins my main quest line for the year. To complete some of those games which I have enjoyed, and then dropped as soon as the new hotness comes along (gaming having given me the attention span of a hyperactive terrier). Well no more. Backlog-killing starts here.

    The plan is to organise all the games I want to play at backloggery/Groovychainsaw. I will allow myself 5 slots for single-player games that I'm 'currently playing' (visible at the link). I will only allow myself to play those 5 games until one is 'completed' (In most cases, the 'final goal' is accomplished, not necessarily all side quests, otherwise Skyrim will be on there for the rest of my life). That's not to say I'll play through these games desperately in an attempt to get to the end as quickly as possible, I'll just be a bit more focussed on those 5, as they will be my only games until one is completed. I will play my blood bowl games as part of the leagues, likewise any other 'scheduled' multiplayer games will get in, too (they don't take up too much of my gaming time), but for single player, only those 5 will be played.

    'So what are you taking up a whole thread for?', I hear you ask. Well, I'm planning to update my progress in here after each play session (so there may be spoilers, I haven't decided yet, but I'll give fair warning), and hopefully this will spur some discussion about the game/section/moments in question. Also, I'd like you guys to help guide my path through my games this year, so I'll be looking for advice about what to play next to add to my 'final five'.

    And that starts now, 4 out of 5 slots are taken already. Given that they are filled with Skyrim, Saints Row the Third, Driver:SF and Dark Souls, I could do with something short and sweet to fill that last slot, so help me choose something to play from my backlog that fits. Discussion/arguing over what I should play next is positively encouraged, and if you have similar plans, post your backlog in here. Lets see if we can make a concerted effort to actually play some of those steam sale games and other 'impulse buys' we've not got around to.

    Oh, and before anyone complains, yes, there are quite a number of console games alongside PC ones. I need a split between console and PC so I can play on one system if the other is occupied :-). I don't want anyone moaning that I'm playing on the xbox and its inferior, thats not what this thread is for, its more a celebration of games as a whole rather than 'which format is best' type arguments.
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