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    So that ending was pretty unsatisfying, huh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnicalBen View Post
    I've encountered a couple of game freezing/bugging out bugs. And one enemy stuck in limbo/the roof/under the map. Strangely, they never saw it fit to fix these bugs? Was this game not popular enough? Gah.
    Every game has bugs. The game slows to a crawl for me whenever a Berserker takes its reaction move. And it froze once. No idea why. Other than that it's been pretty smooth. But yeah, it almost seems like they didn't quite put aside a big enough budget for this one (four generic American voices for a couple dozen soldiers in an international force? Gets a bit grating after awhile). Maybe they didn't plan on it getting so relatively big. I'd love to see what they could do with a properly-resourced sequel.

    Meanwhile, on to my second attempt, where I bother to level up more than my one crack squad this time...
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