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    Invading 1944 - Mediterranean Weekend

    UPDATE: DAY TWO (2nd mission) is scheduled for Saturday february 4th, 1930 GMT.

    Gentlemen, thanks for last the event! It's now time for the second -working- installment of the three-part Mediterranean Weekend campaign on the evening xxx.
    The assigned roles can be found at VE. If you're on this list and feel like you rather wouldn't be or if you aren't on this list and feel like joining up for a time travel shoot-out, please post here or contact me through PM or on Steam (washington in RPS Steam group).
    The time travelling module is Invasion 1944:,
    the place is Isola di Capraļa:

    Now, initially the idea as posted:
    Quote Originally Posted by washington
    So, after having played the Invasion 1944 mod with ARPS recently, I've decided to make a small campaign for it, to try out some new tactical goodness. It would be approx. 3 missions, one each - presumably - per
    -DAY TBA- over 3 weeks. Probably 1-2h playtime each, mostly dependent on in-game strategies and efficiency. There'll be sign-ups for playable roles (which are sticky'd for each player through-out) for continuity and tacticalness.. err. Yes.

    It would be played on -MAP TBA-, on Veteran, with hierarchical command (Squad > Fireteam > Soldier) and using only direct communication VON. So, perhaps not for everyone. Number of roles depending on people willing.
    Direct comms VON hasen't worked satisfactory and mumble is always to the rescue. However, I'm very keen on using ACRE instead. Hold on, hang on! Yes, ACRE IS bound to be a hassle. The desired in-game direct communication effect I'm looking for, however, works beautifully with it. It would also make use of the RTO's as they'd be the only ones able to communicate with sister squads. But, is it worth it? Either we do this mandatory or not at all (Mumble groups instead). The installation alone is a multiple files/folders deal and requires TS3 (we'd be using a new private TS3 server). Using ACRE would mean that you (not RTO-you!) would only be able to communicate with people in your immediate vicinity, enforcing sticking togetherness, firefight pandemonium and a great [harder] experience. ACRE is at: Naturally I'll offer my non-expert services in helping with installation if needed. Afaik no other -working- option for direct communication exists, hence this.

    BUT, I want to hear what you think. This is yet just an idea, nothing set in stone. There's even a poll(!).
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