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    Exclamation [MISSION] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

    What is DZS? (For you DayZ players)

    Hello, I'm Craig *Shakes hand with reader*

    This is Dynamic Zombie Sandbox, a one of a kind mission for ArmA 2 (OA,CO,A2,A2 Free, and Take on Helicopters). It started as an idea of a full map zombie survival mission, much like DayZ, but this came before DayZ. I wanted something that was different every time, that you could port to any map, and provided tons of fun. This is what I came up with.

    DZS has 36 parameters that the host can choose. These allow you near endless customization of your zombie experience. You can play in the day, the night, the dusk,with fog, with rain, with clear skies, or make it a surprise. You can start with weapons, without weapons, with/without maps, with your friends, in the middle of nowhere. You can find weapons in buildings, in cars, and in ammo boxes. Loot can be plentiful, or extremely scarce. The mission can have hundreds of cars, or a scant few. Zombies can sense you from miles away or can be fairly stupid. The only limit is your server, and you don't even need a dedicated.

    This is an example of a few of the options available, and many more are on the way. There is no question on whether this will be in ArmA 3, it will asap in the community alpha. I have big plans to add much more features to make the experience even better and more customizable.

    Installation? Easy. 1.5mb file goes into the MPmissions folder, or just join a server online. The file will be Downloaded automatically.

    DL is on the bottom.


    Oh, I almost forgot, here are some pictures on my ModDB page:

    Overview of 1.0

    After quite a long time, I finally have 1.0 ready for release. This is the most complete, stable version of the mission that I have. It also most fulfills what I wanted to put into this mission back in Version .75. Many new features have been added and many, many fixes have been made. Also, I have already started work on 1.05

    Making the mission more stable was one of the largest goals of 1.0. It still won't last forever on dedi, but it will last longer. Further improvements are in my head and will be added in 1.05.

    What's Added?

    This is definately the longest changelog to date, and the amount of work I've put into it has been quite staggering. I live quite a busy life, school, work, sports, friends, (pretty active in the party scene too, but don't tell my parents ) so I can only work on this in what spare time I have.

    I have fairly detailed descriptions on dev-heaven of each of the bugs and features if you want to click the links.


    • Fixed some lag issues from .95
    • Weapons in buildings, a little like DayZ
    • Local hosts couldn't use the logistic features
    • GPS would put markers on other players
    • Sidemissions never end
    • Weather can be completely random
    • Sidemission markers no longer give the exact location, if chosen


    Bug #30290: Ammobox Sidemission
    Bug #30291: Time doesn't sync to JIP
    Bug #30292: Markers do not update to JIP
    Bug #30293: Helicopter crash is still bugged
    Bug #30307: Refresher.sqf kills off all units that are not players
    Bug #30313: Picking up objects (To put in cars)
    Bug #30352: Sometimes players spawned in a mob of zombies
    Bug #30359: Long trains of cars can be made!
    Bug #30362: Car/object list doesn't get updated on dedicated sometimes.
    Bug #30374: Massive Lag
    Bug #32855: Objects get placed floating
    Bug #35643: Start with no map and no weapons parameter sometimes doesn't work.
    Feature #30314: Parameter to choose how many weapons will spawn in side missions. (Ammo cache's)
    Feature #30364: Apocalypse Siren on siren poles
    Feature #32590: Weapons in buildings
    Feature #32628: Parameter to get rid of sidemission markers
    Feature #32725: Random Weather Option
    Feature #32805: Sidemissions loop
    Feature #32806: Increase Respawn timer
    Feature #32808: More robust player position finder script
    Feature #32809: Make weapon finding script more efficient and with more features.
    Feature #36039: Spawn just outside of towns
    Task #30353: Remove GPS -- Allows cheating
    Task #35603: Expand the "Players start together" parameter


    CO version (Flagship version):
    Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Combined Operations. No other mods/addons required, works with ACE to a degree, full ACE integration is on the way (@stk2008)

    OA version:
    Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead . No other mods/addons required

    A2 version:
    Requires patch 1.10 of ArmA 2 or ArmA 2 Free. No other mods/addons required

    All 3 Versions in one Goodie Bag:

    Thanks to:
    All beta testers
    VVC team


    Very important for the direction of this project, if you have any at all to give (positive or critical) please give it!

    Make a full game of this and its GOTY hands down bro :DDD
    Ces't super cool!

    Yeah its really damn cool i had to say it in another language. Thanks bobtom/Craig!
    So much fun :D
    Great Missions. Love playing them :D
    Me gusta
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    Cheers Craig, I will put it on the server for a few play tests. If all is well then we will adjust the name slightly and can see it getting some regular plays.

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    I think a few of us had a go of this on a private server not too long ago.

    It's pretty cool.

    I recall it didn't work too well on Utes (the island's so small there's not really enough places to spawn stuff, so you end up appearing 100m from the evac chopper or whatever)

    With a lot of zombies it gets pretty tough!

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    A problem we found is that the marker for the helicopter/the base always defaults to 0,0 (lower left corner) and never indicates a proper location.
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    JIP also crashes the game.

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    I jipped without problem.

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    Can confirm that the game would get stuck on the 'receiving...' screen and then crash when I tried to JIP.

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    The latest hotfix fixes most of those issues. Helicopter task remains broken, however. The next version I am releasing will solve a lot of those issues, and many more features. More here.

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    Dynamic Zombie Sandbox V1.0

    It has been released! See the first post for more details.

    Also, this release has put the Mission into the #1 position on ModDB, thanks for all the support!

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