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    Jumping into Total War, teh moods!

    Hello youse,

    I bought Medieval 2: Total War this Steam Xmas sale and I haven't installed it yet because I don't really know where to start + lack of time. I bought it mostly for the modding community (AGOT, LoZelda, LOTR...) but I made the mistake of not buying the Kingdoms expansion. Is it mandatory for most them?

    Second, where do I start with the gameplay? Vanilla campaigns, mod campaigns, custom maps?

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    Most Medieval 2 mods need Kingdoms nowadays, but there are still quite a lot out there that don't. I would recommend checking places as the Twcenter or which both include very large modding communities. I don't know what sort of mods you are looking for, but Third Age (the LOTR mod) and Westoros: Total war (AGOT: A game of Thrones?) both need kingdoms to run.

    As for the gameplay, well that depends if you have earlier experience with Total war games. If you do, then you can jump into most mod campaigns without trouble, although there are some exceptions. However if you have no experience with Total war games start with a vanilla Campaign, they aren't too hard most of the time and will give you a good feel of the core mechanics that most of the mods use.

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    Just my 2c, but as far as I know there's a balancing / AI mod from DarthVader (dude's dedicated like hell to fix the Total War series) not needing Kingdoms.
    In any case, don't worry too much as Kingdoms seems to be put on sale quite frequently.

    Gameplay, well... I'd say to play a short campaign on normal difficulty (both battle and campaign) to get the hang of it, Medieval 2 needs some familiarizing due to its twin tech tree for cities and castles (long story short: cities make more revenue, have management-related buldings, and can train militia, low cost - low quality troops; castles make much less revenue, have military training buildings, and can train professional soldiers, high cost but highly effective; also, cities are somewhat less easy to defend than castles).

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