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    City of Steam Sneak Peek Alpha Test Announced

    Hello, this is Shirley from Mechanist Games. My colleague CrazyEthan has introduced our game to you days ago. You may refer to his post on this forum.Now we're excited to announce the sneak peek alpha test to you!


    City of Steam - A 3D light-weight browser-based full featured industrial age fantasy MMORPG.

    Hi everyone, Mechanist Games is excited to announce that City of Steam will have a sneak peek alpha test at the end of next month. There will be limited places so sign-up early to get priority to receive a key.

    Enter City of Steam, make your mark in a world failing against its own illustrious history, and explore the bellowing depths beneath Ebonwax or storm enormous towers to great heights where reward awaits those prepared to fight for it. Marvel at the architecture of forgotten pasts, merging ages dating back to the time of the god-like Paragons whose presence lingers long after their reign.

    Already years in development, our first title, City of Steam, is approaching completion. It will be an interesting time and important milestone for us, as a small indie game developer. Wed really appreciate participation and the following feedback as we want to make a game, players will enjoy. We take feedback seriously; all you need to do is check our official forum to see the active participation and response to questions and suggestions

    Well be giving out alpha keys in a priority order, next month so please sign-up to our newsletter to receive your key and additional information as the time approaches. You can also follow this thread, news on our website and forum.

    To learn more about City of Steam, please visit our official website. Also you can refer to the other thread weve posted on this forum regarding our game.

    Thank you for your time and see you in Sneak Peek Alpha Test!

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    The test will begin in late February, don't miss out on it! Your participation is appreciated.
    City of Steam - Fight in a land of belching furnaces, clockwork marvels, and ancient evils. Visit City of Steam on Facebook for screenshots, dev diaries, and news updates!

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