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    Anyone else having trouble commenting?

    This is a weird issue, and I'm convinced it's not a ban because I know what WordPress bans look like, and this isn't it. I think I have, however, perhaps pissed off the spam filter to the point where it's logged me as a spambot. That seems to be the most likely scenario.

    Basically, all comments are just disappearing. I did upgrade recently, shiny new notebook and all that (I am very pleased about this, I was languishing with my old notebook for far too long). I can still post on the forums, though. As I have been doing. So again, if it was a ban then it would have just wiped all my access. I'm completely convinced it isn't. I think this is genuinely just a silly spambot bug.

    Just checking to see whether anyone else is having this issue. And wondering if perhaps I should pester the RPS guys to check their list of known spambots. If I have ended up on that list, though, they really need to take a look at how their anti-spam software works. :P It was never very good though since it didn't stop the more dedicated spambots, but it's always been a thorn in my side.

    Oh, also, trying to make a duplicate post actually results in a duplicate post error, so this does seem to be a visual bug. The posts are reaching the database, but not showing. Hence spambot suspicion.

    And... going to stop with the semi-consciously made Ultima VIII references, now.

    So, anyone else having trouble? Comments randomly disappearing?
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    I notice my postcount drop by 20 every once in a while, but I've just assumed that's retroactive moderation. Y'know, a thread getting deleted, etc.
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    Yes, it is a ban. You've been attacking too many people and starting too many fights lately, and it's unacceptable behaviour on RPS. About to turn off forum account too; mail me if you want to try and convince me you can be calmer. Don't mail me to tell me your behaviour was justified, because it wasn't. And for heaven's sake don't send one of your essays.
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