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I've seen a few PC ports of arcade games on the shelves back in the nineties along with shareware standards like Tyrian which everyone mentions and the less mentioned Raptor and DemonStar. That's probably more along the lines that you want. Darius Gaiden, G. Darius, In the Hunt, Raiden II and Galactic Attack in some places for budget prices too but if you get interested in those now you're going to need a degree in archaeology if you're going to unearth any of them but there has to be a few copies left somewhere. If I had to make a choice I'd probably go for either of the Darius games because I get a raging stiffy whenever I look at the ship design. I guess it's emulation to the rescue again.

This is solid advice. Don't be put off by all of those bullets it's an easier game than it looks, easier than Gigawing at least which is its closest neighbour.
Demonstar and Raptor are both great. Demonstar gives off a bit of Raiden and the upgrade system of Raptor is quite compelling. As I said, I love the Darius games. The aquatic based ships are serious business. I'd actually take a look at Metal Black while you are at it, shares a lot of elements with the later games. Laser dueling with bosses and aquatic ships:

Mars Matrix is also solid. Play it with a friend and you can cover each other's asses with the vortex bombs.