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    Quote Originally Posted by The JG Man View Post
    If they stripped Classic Sonic from Generations, made new levels in the same engine and tidied up the physics, I'd have what I'd be happy with in Sonic 5.
    This ^
    Dear god this. I don't even think they'd need to tweak the physics, as whilst being undoubtedly different to real classic, they still worked.
    I honestly don't know what they're playing at with this episodic stuff. I snagged 1 for a couple quid and by act 3 I still felt robbed. The graphics were abysmal (i checked settings but couldn't seem to fix the horrible jagged shimmer on Sonic) and the complete lack of inertia/momentum and cheap falling out of the sky deaths were just painful. The music was also rather a letdown for a Sonic game.

    Ep 2 looks no different tbh. At least not different enough. I can't really justify 10 squid on a platform game when I have a million and one other options from 20 years ago that do the job better.
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