Generations modding report:

(60fps version)

As it goes, I recently installed the Dragon Road level from Unleashed. It's rather hard, but at the same time incredibly satisfying to pull off. The action is done well and it's really easy to feel powerful; the water running section is fantastic. I can only imagine what dizzying brilliance there'll be in Jungle Joyride. Anyhow, I strongly recommend giving Dragon Road a download. It's great fun to play. I've got my time down to about 3:10 without skills, but I reckon I could get it sub 3 with some improvements. There's a substantial time saver early on, involving boosting off an incline and jumping into a light dash. I am forever screwing up that jump.

I'm also shamelessly stealing this image that Dario posted on SonicRetro a bit ago. Sonic Generations: Unleashed indeed.