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    Well also the fact that Sega are actually fairly clued up when it comes to pricing. The original All Stars released at 20 too, so it wouldn't be unreasonable. I would like to see a price reduction for waiting, but it's unlikely.

    Ahem. Also, I can't wait for any assets to be ripped and to be used for Generations levels. Unless they already took them from it to start with.


    I'm going to go with 20. So, I saw at GMG that the game is 20, but has a 10% discount. On top of that, until the 18th of Jan, you can use a discount code (on the front page) to get a further 20% off. By the end, I was able to pay 13.50. I haven't gone for it...yet, but it might be worth investigating. According to GMG too, its release date is the 31st of Jan, which is a Thursday.

    Oh, also, the Steam registry suggests a 4-pack, so it might be worth investigating that. I don't want to miss out on getting the GMG deal though as it seems particularly great. We'll see what happens in the mean time.


    It's now up on Steam. 20, with a 10% pre-order bonus. 4-pack is 53, making it 13.25. Given the price difference between it and GMG being fairly negligible, I'll happily go in if other people are interested.

    And release date is confirmed 31st Jan.
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