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    Any good card based RPG's out there?

    Hey guys and gals.

    What I am looking for I guess is kind of niche so I haven't been able to find the perfect game yet. After seeing I looked for similar games but couldn't really find one. I am also following Mojangs (sp?) Scrolls which has some very nice potential. I tried Battleforge but couldn't really get into it (too much emphasis on spending $$$).

    Any advice appreciated!

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    I had a big love for etherlords back in the day. (2001 apparently, with a sequel in 2003)
    Don't know how well it will have aged but I'd advise getting a little more info on it as it sounds about right for what you're asking for.

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    Etherlords is still worth playing.

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    Etherlords is great. Etherlords 2 was decent too. Also, not on PC, but Yu-Gi Oh 5d's World Championship 2011 (I think that was the full name) on the DS is decent too.

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