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    I generally want to be the good/nice guy, or at least have a "greater good" in mind if I do "evil" things. Just Cause 2 may be about blowing up whatever you can but at some point I stopped and wondered what the hell I'm trying to achieve blowing up civilian infrastructure like water towers and gas stations just for 100% village completion.

    An extension to this is, if given the option I need to fix things. The most fun I had in Red Faction: Guerrilla was with the Reconstructor gun modded into the SP campaign. Although I only got that out of frustration at first - there's a mission in the first zone after which a bridge I used all the time gets blown up. There are ramps on both sides so you can jump over the other road, but it's not the same and it really annoyed me because the whole blowing-the-bridge thing is completely pointless in the story.

    So I got the reconstructor and fixed it, AI controlled cars keep trying around the bridge which looks silly, but at least my world looked whole again. I did the same thing with towns that got blown up by me being careless or during story missions. Unfortunately certain elements don't get rebuilt (like windows, or ladders and certain struts and columns if you broke them completely).

    The best part was the bridge from the artillery zone that gets shelled during a mission. Afterwards I noticed that there was a gap of only about 5 meters while the rest was still intact - or so I thought. I started to reconstruct the bridge when it suddenly started creaking and then the whole segment I was rebuilding broke again and took half the rest of the bridge with it.

    I worked my way up from the base pillars and spent at an hour or two rebuilding every strut and joint I could see, and everytime the bridge started creaking again I started to look around for one I may have missed, in panic.

    Eventually I stopped playing the game when I unlocked the last zone. It got slightly repetitive and I didn't want to break all the pretty glass buildings I knew I wouldn't be able to rebuild completely :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heliocentric View Post
    Dragon age: Awakenings
    Baldur's gate 2
    Fable (people do consider it an rpg)
    Space Rangers 2

    I only remember buying existing houses in Fable, and I haven't played the others. - We've got more games than time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TailSwallower View Post
    I only remember buying existing houses in Fable, and I haven't played the others.
    I guess I was including renovation. Fable 3 probably has some kind of building what with you ending up as king.
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