Comrades! Today we had more than twenty valiant soldiers fight to further our cause. You can find the official thread at the end of this hyperlink! If you can cross-post the party may look upon you with benevolence when volunteers are next required.

  • Fort
  • Kettles
  • Strife Valley
  • Payback
  • Nutcracker

Comrade General Secretary Fer was put on 'vacation' this week and it fell to the Admiralty to further the glorious agrarian cause of our peoples. The verdict from his trial is due to be revealed some time next week. We have full faith in a positive outcome, but it remains to be seen when or if he will resume a leadership role in the revolution!

Fortunately this transitional period has opened with business as usual.

A strong start in Fort was built upon by a decisive victory for party loyalists in Kettles (adversarial). Strife Valley was a short and bloody affair, just as the People like. Sadly a victory did not come with the spectacle. Payback went similarly - it seems that the opponents of our glorious cause recently invested in heliborne forces. Fortunately for some, Nutcracker (adversarial) saw an ambush succeed decisively. Despite being spotted early.

Thank you all for attending and bearing with this change in power. It is my pleasure to remind you all that you can't spell Glorious Death without Death. See you at next week's offensive, Comrades. :commissar:

(To take some of the pressure off of Fer we're going to rotate hosts a bit in the future. He does a lot of things to make sure these sessions go well, so he deserves some time off. Remember to thank him next time you see him. And send him more vodka.)